Reindeer Leather

The most exclusive leather in the world


from Scandinavia

Reindeer Leather

Silk Leather

Soft and Light Weight

Reindeer Leather

Naturally elastic

It makes reindeer leather different from rest of leathers

Reindeer Leather


Working together with the SAMI 

reindeer herders

Reindeer Leather


Land unsuitable for crops is used for reindeer husbandry

Reindeer Leather

Limited Edition

Our Story


Mariela Pokka has an undeniable and instinctive relationship with fashion. Building on her lifelong passion and innate understanding of what looks and feels beautiful, along with her diverse cultural influences and years of studying Business and International Marketing, Mariela is the genius behind the luxurious Mariela Pokka fashion brand, made from the most exclusive leather in the world. 

Mariela’s early and varied cultural exposures and later as a discerning fashion customer in London, led to her developing a refined sense for luxury, flattering lines and beautiful fabrics, along with an impressive knowledge of what could be found in the market and what it lacked.

Following her move to Finland and her subsequent insight into the reindeer leather business, Mariela developed a longing to combine her creativity and strong sense of style, with the authenticity of the local, deep-rooted heritage of reindeer herding, to bring a contemporary elegance to the use of reindeer hide. Teaming up with Céline Méteil, who worked with Mariela to create Mariela Pokka first collection, and working closely with the local SAMI indigenous reindeer herders supporting and encouraging ethical farming and ecological production -Mariela went on to create a unique, ethically sourced, eco-luxury collection of fashion goods. 

Mariela Pokka designs are defined by flattering cuts and timeless elegance, whilst offering a luxurious sheen and an understated softness that gives a more refined feel than other animal hides. Their elegant structure and cutting-edge style pay respect to a rich and fascinating culture, highlighting poise and natural beauty, delivering opulence which is socially responsible and designs which are creative masterpieces. This is the enchanting and luxurious collection of Mariela Pokka.